Direct Entry BSN Nursing Programs

Congratulations on knowing you want to pursue a career in nursing! A Direct Entry Bachelor of Science in Nursing program could be the fastest way for you to achieve that goal. With this Excel list, you can explore over 290 different colleges and universities that offer admittance into their freshman four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. The list includes a link to each of the college’s nursing website.


Acceptance into a Direct Entry BSN program guarantees entry into the program as an entering college freshman. It also eliminates the possibility of future additional testing or a competitive application required at the end of your sophomore year. However, these programs require that students take prescribed courses and maintain minimum grades to continue moving forward in the nursing program.

Our list of direct entry nursing programs includes:

  • Over 300 colleges with direct admit (direct entry) programs
  • Links to each college’s or university’s nursing website.
  • A robust list of questions to ask the Nursing Department before applying.

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