Amazing Colleges for 2.9 – 3.9 GPA Students

Discover new colleges and universities for students with 2.9–3.9 GPAs that might be worth a closer look! We have compiled a list of academically accessible college options that offer plenty of opportunities and vibrant campus communities. These exceptional colleges and universities admit dynamic students with a wide range of GPAs and varying academic abilities, diverse talents, and interests.


The colleges and universities within this excel list meet the following criteria — which we believe are important indicators for student success in a college experience.

  • Colleges that accept at least 50% of applicants.
  • Private colleges with at least a 50% 4-year graduation rate, and public colleges with at least a 50%
  • 5-year graduation rate.
  • Retention rates above the national average for freshman students returning for their sophomore year.
  • Reasonable test scores — if required.
  • Colleges with at least 1,000 students.
  • After purchase, be sure to check out our video tutorial included in the Introduction tab of the Excel sheet.

The tutorial contains data sorting tips and information to help you customize your spreadsheet searches.

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