Navigating Post-High School Success

We believe that every high school student should have access to the information needed to determine a successful plan after high school. Since 2005, the Explore Solutions team has been helping students and their families explore, understand, and pursue a post-high school plan that is right for them. Explore Solutions is a 501(c)(3) community based organization.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing information and guidance to enable intentional decisions.

Our Mission

We are here to help each student make informed decisions and forge a path for long-term success.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive guidance through the entire college admissions process, as well as access to college admissions counselors.

Meet the Explore Solutions Team

Our goal is to help high school students and their families shape a clear, actionable vision of their post-high school path based on individual interests, aptitudes, and financial resources.

Co-founder & President
Carol Lazier
Co-founder & Executive Director
Maureen Roadman
College & Financial Resources
Gail Durso
College and Academic Program Resources
Cynthia Wilson
Administrative & Data Specialist
Daniela Ito
Executive Board of Directors

Carol Lazier – President
Deb Pollakov – Vice President
Gail Durso – Secretary
Vanda Wilshire – Treasurer