July 16, 2017 Junior Scholar Session

July 16, 2017 Junior Scholar Session 150 150 Explore Solutions

Welcome class of 2019!

It was great to see all the families on Sunday. We covered some housekeeping at the start of the session:

  • All Scholar Sessions are for both the student and parent (except Oct. 15 which is the financial night)
  • Please add our contact emails to your contacts to avoid emails going to SPAM. We have had several parents say they have not received a few of our communications.
  • If you email anyone of us and do not hear back within 2-3 days, please resend.

If you did not attend our Scholar Session, please take a few moments to review the PPT. Or, you would like to review the material from the session. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us.

Our session covered tools that are at your disposal to begin college/career exploration, what makes up a student’s academic profile: transcript (grades and courses) and test scores, and the high school profile and how it relates to your student and colleges. Many families have inquired about specific financial questions in regards to paying for college. Gail covered several of them in the session and the PPT slides have both the questions and answers. This was the tip of the iceberg. Parents, please attend the October 15 Financial Night for detailed information.

Students and parents competed a “College Match Quiz.” This activity was to start families thinking about college possibilities as environments where students can find a myriad of opportunities to help them obtain their college goals, rather than being destination (name brand) focused. ┬áIt was an eye opener for many students and parents!

f you were not at the session, we highly recommend that both the parent and student take this quiz before viewing the session PPT (answers are included).

Click the links below to access the documents:

July 16, 2017 Junior Scholar Session PPT

College Match Activity Sheet