Finding Your Common Application Writing Requirements

Finding Your Common Application Writing Requirements 150 150 Explore Solutions

We have put together a quick tutorial to help students find those pesky college specific writing requirements in the Common Application.  It is important to identify ALL writing requirements well in advance of the application deadline as these are critical, require time and thought, and need to be college-specific and not repurposed. According to admissions counselors that we have poled, on a scale of 1-10 of importance, these responses rank a 10. We had one admissions counselor say 11!

Additionally, we have crafted a College Checklist document for your organization and management of applications and essays as well as an Excel sheet for documenting all essays.  These are meant as a resource that you can use as-is or manipulate for your convenience. Or, create your own organizational tool.

Comon Application Essay Tracking Sheet
College Application CHECKLIST Revised