Explore Solutions Senior Newsletter – July 26, 2019

Explore Solutions Senior Newsletter – July 26, 2019 150 150 Explore Solutions
Dear Seniors and Parents,
We are looking forward to an outstanding year. Attached is our first Explore Solutions Senior Newsletter for 2019-2020. It is filled with many excellent tips, important information, upcoming events and much more. We encourage you to read it and use it as a resource. You will be sent a newsletter once a month and it is a vital part of our Explore Solutions Scholars incremental educational program.
You will also receive our Monday weekly “Week At A Glance” along with occasional important emails containing information we want to share. Know that you can email any one of us and we will make sure the email reaches the correct team member.
Let us know if you have questions about this material or anything else.
Click the links below to access the newsletter and article.